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(Original Works by: MARILYN PLUMMER) is the result  of over fifty years  of painting and a desire to communicate with my fellow travellers on this journey. Through the years I have accumulated over 2,000 paintings. Up until lately, I have not been very verbal. Expressing myself visually has become the norm.
Marilyn Plummer
My goal is to reach out to others with my art. Art is very healing. When I feel depression pulling at me, I paint flowers. The bolder and brighter the flowers, the more the mood is lifted.
Shazam- ( Watercolor) by Marilyn Plummer - $500.00  Email:
Painting above : Shazam - by Marilyn Plummer
Seascapes have been a means of expressing family. "The Last Sunset"shows those who have gone before  me and finally, I am the only one left in the water. If you have been a significant part of my life, chances are your name appears on one of my ships.
Sunset Triptych_3_ paintings sunset 1_2_3_ Marilyn Plummer
 "Sunset Trilogy" -  Three paintings: "Sunset 1"," Sunset 2"," Sunset 3" shown side by side from Left to Right- by Marilyn Plummer. 
"The Last Sunset" (Left ) was done on  
Hence, "The Other Side of Sunset"
(right) became the site of what is normally unseen.[Meaning the back  of the painting]  
"Serenity"- Abstract painting by Marilyn Plummer
"Serenity" is the feeling of inner peace I get when I let go and let God handle my life.
There is a Seascape called "Serenity"as well as an Abstract of the same name. The "Serenity" paintings can be a source of meditation. Enjoy them please.
"Serenity"Seascape by Marilyn Plummer
With God's help, I am calm no matter what is happening outside of me.
Telephone- Marilyn (813) 677-5150

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